When planning for your next adventure tour, it’s important to prepare accordingly for where you’re going and what you’re planning on doing. At Keys Skis and Adventures in Key Largo, we provide jet ski rentals, kayak tours, and parasailing so you can experience all that the ocean has to offer. If you’re interested in exploring the coral reefs or just getting out on the open water during your next trip to Key Largo or any of the Florida Keys, be sure to check out our services.

1. Research Where You’re Going

When you’re planning a trip, research the local culture of where you’ll be staying. You’ll want to know what the language is, the currency, local customs, and other information. Though English is the official language in the Florida Keys, we do have a significant Cuban community that speaks Spanish as well.

2. Get Your Travel Necessities In Order

If you’re flying down to the Florida Keys from the continental U.S., you don’t need a passport, but you do need your ID to board your plane! Keep your money in a safe place like a money belt or somewhere others won’t be able to get to. Make sure all of your toiletries are in TSA-approved bottles and stored in a clear pouch to make the the airport security process easier.

3. Pack as Lightly as Possible

Nothing bogs down the traveling experience like overpacking. Be sure to pack the essentials, but remember you’ll have to carry all of your baggage wherever you go. The great thing about the Florida Keys is that you can pack pretty lightly because all you need is a bathing suit and some warm-weather clothing!

4. Plan for Souvenirs

You’re going to want to buy something as a memory of your adventures in Key Largo, so remember to leave a little extra space in your bags or bring an extra bag to pack your new souvenirs in for the trip back.

5. Physically Prepare

Some adventure activities have very little physical requirements, while others require a lot more physical exertion. Make sure you’re physically fit enough to fully enjoy the adventure tours, pack enough snacks that are packed with energy and protein to keep you going, and (at least if you’re traveling to the mountains) consider how the altitude change is going to affect you.

At Keys Skis and Adventures, we offer jet ski rentals and kayak rentals that will require more physical activity because you’re using your entire body to operate them. We offer rentals at different increments of time though, so you don’t need to worry about wearing yourself out! Our parasailing rentals are great because all you have to do is sit back and relax while the crew works to get you up in the air.

6. Book Your Adventure Tour!

Now that you’ve researched where you’re going and everything you’ll need for your trip, it’s time to book your adventure tour. At Keys Skis and Adventures, we offer jet ski rentals, kayak adventures, and parasailing so you can more fully explore the Florida Keys and coral reefs. We offer different lengths of time to rent the equipment to different numbers of people so you can book the perfect adventure for your trip. Call us to get more information or book your tour today with Keys Skis and Adventures in Key Largo!