The sun is shining, the beaches are warm, and the beautiful summer weather means more and more people are flocking to the shores of Key Largo to enjoy all our beautiful area has to offer. And why not? There is so much to see and experience around here, with natural ecosystems unlike any other. No matter how you choose to get out on the water, once you do, you’ll see why so many flock to Key Largo for our waterways, not just lounging on the beach. If you want to explore on your own, hopping on a jet ski is the perfect way to go. Consider these great jet ski destinations when planning your trip:


Island Hopping

So, this isn’t just one destination; it’s a great choose-your-own-adventure option. Jet skis are a great way to explore beyond Key Largo. Many of the numerous small keys between us and Key West can only be reached by watercraft, so embrace your inner adventurer and set sail — though not literally, since jet skis don’t actually have, you know, sails.


Exploring The Mangroves

If you want to stick a bit closer to home, the mangroves are a magical option. These trees have huge root systems that grow out over the water and create natural canals for anyone to explore. They’re a great option for both jet ski adventure and kayak trips.



Did you know the Keys have the only living coral reef system in North America? There are an abundance of amazing sights to see underwater, with both snorkeling and scuba diving options available. If you don’t want to strap on a tank of oxygen, shove a snorkel set in your bag and hop on a jet ski to get where you want to go.


Some of the great snorkeling sights include:

  • Statue of Christ of the Abyss — this statue is nestled underwater, but high enough that it can be seen above water as well. It’s an art installation totally out of the norm.
  • Shipwrecks — there are a handful of different shipwrecks available for both diving and snorkeling, including Spiegel Grove, the Benwood Wreck, Bibb and Duane, and The Elbow. Be careful of this last option; it may offer several wrecks to explore, but there are also barracuda and moral eels in abundance.
  • Coral Reefs — there are reefs in abundance around Key Largo and down the rest of the Keys. However, some areas are easier to reach by jet ski than others.

If you’re unsure where to go, the Keys Skis & Adventure team is happy to help you plan your jet ski trip. When you schedule your jet ski rental or come in to start your day, ask our experienced team for suggestions based on your group and your interests. We also offer jet ski tours and combination adventure tours with kayaking and parasailing to help you get the full Key Largo experience. Give us a call to learn more, or book your jet ski rental and other adventures online today!