Jet Ski Rentals in Key Largo

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Keys Skis and Adventures’ fleet of wave runners speed across the water’s surface, sending plumes of mist and spray into the air as riders uncover some of the area’s most scenic destinations. On semi-private tours, the jet skis coast along local canals, open waters, and mangroves.

The Key Largo area sets the stage for these ocean adventures, granting easy access to the Atlantic Ocean. Local wildlife such as manatees, dolphins, and aquatic birds make appearances in these areas, although they rarely sign autographs! Check out our jet ski rentals in Key Largo!

Two Hour Jet Ski Tour in Key Largo

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Explore the mangroves and open water surrounding Key Largo while traveling on jet skis with Keys Skis. This two-hour jet ski tour in Key Largo departs from the Key West Inn and travels through John Pennekamp State Park, into the Atlantic, and into the Gulf of Mexico.

Take the tour on your own jet ski or bring the family — each ski fits up to three people for the same price, making jet ski rentals in Key Largo an affordable way to see the sea. Limited to groups of up to six jet skis, the semi-private tour departs from the canals and reaches open water within five minutes.

Travel through John Pennekamp State Park and keep your eye out for marine life, including manatees, dolphins, and numerous aquatic birds.

Next, ride around in the open water or stop for a swim in the Gulf before heading back to the Atlantic side, where you will speed through more mangrove tunnels. Ocean tours are offered seven days a week by reservation only. Tour with Keys Skis on your next day adventure or overnight getaway to Key Largo.

Kayak Rentals in Key Largo

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The Florida Keys and John Pennekamp State Park offers year round Kayaking. Our Key Largo location is the perfect starting point to begin your tropical paddling adventure. Keys Skis offers daily instruction and kayak rentals in Key Largo. We accommodate large groups and specialize in custom and corporate adventure tours and outings.

Whether planning a day outing or an extended paddling adventure tour in the Park or Waterways of Key Largo, we are here to help. We will be happy to provide you with information and the equipment necessary to make your trip a pleasurable experience. Join us today and launch your adventure from our dock! We offer hourly and daily kayak rentals.

Two-Hour Kayak Tour in Key Largo

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Our two-hour kayak tour in Key Largo is a favorite for kayaking. The serene waters offer great protection from the wind, and are always teeming with marine life. We usually see tons of parrotfish and smaller baitfish, mangrove snappers, stingrays, small sharks, turtles, plus some varieties of sponge and coral. In the mangroves and in the skies you will see herons, egrets, ospreys, and, if you are lucky, a spoonbill. Enjoy a leisurely paddle in Key Largo while riding with the tide along a secluded mangrove creek, then relax as you move across the tidal flats in the Atlantic Ocean. Join us on our next two-hour kayak tour in Key largo!

Parasailing in Key Largo

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Fly solo, tandem, or triple on this Key Largo parasailing excursion! We offer the most spectacular, sky-soaring flights in Key Largo. You will enjoy the 25 mile views of Key Largo, the Atlantic Ocean, John Pennekamp State Park, and Florida Bay. Gentle, dry take offs and landings on the boat platform provides a safe and exciting flight experience. We take you up with 800 feet of line, so you will be able to see both sides of the island. The average airborne time is approximately seven to ten minutes. No special clothing is required and we happily fly ages four to 90.

We are the safest parasail operation in Key Largo with live time weather radar. All flights are scheduled according to weather conditions, so don’t wait until the last day of your vacation! The crew and 12-passenger parasailing vessel meets and exceeds all current USCG Safety Standards for Parasail Craft and meets the new 2014 STATE OF FLORIDA PARASAIL STATUTE. Parasailing in Key Largo is sure to please. Book your parasailing adventure today!

Bike Rentals in Key Largo

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Key Largo is bike-friendly and offers some of the most scenic pathways in the Florida Keys. Spend a short time adventuring on a bike rental and you’ll gladly leave your vehicle the next time you’re exploring the Upper Keys. Bike rental in Key Largo keeps restaurants, shopping and entertainment at your fingertips. Renting a bike is also a fantastic way to spend time with friends and family while taking in the Keys.

Keys Skis offers flexible bike rental rates that will fit your needs and budget during your stay in the Florida Keys. Renting a bike in Key Largo is a fun means of transportation that’s environmentally-friendly and affordable. Rent bikes with us in Key Largo!