Benefits To Jet Skiing

Jet skis are more than just a water-based thrill ride. They actually provide some surprising benefits, including:

  • A fun, fast, and relaxing way to enjoy the scenery — take it all in at speed as you traverse open water, or slowly cruise through mangroves or past the reefs.
  • Easy fun for the whole family — since you can control your speed and fit multiple people on a single craft, jet ski rentals are a great way to get the whole family involved.
  • Heart-healthy enjoyment — the speed of a jet ski can be a great way to get the blood pumping and give yourself a burst of adrenaline. So, while it’s not going to cure heart disease, jet skiing is a fun way to give your heart a bit of a boost.
  • Muscle benefits, too — the balance necessary to ride a jet ski engages muscles throughout your body, especially in your core. Don’t go expecting six-pack abs just from jet skiing, but it is a fun way to give your muscles a bit of a workout.
  • Natural stress relief — between the fun, the sun, and the refreshing spray of the water, jet skiing is a great way to give your brain a break. Whether you’re tearing across open water or taking a slow jaunt through the mangroves, jet ski trips can provide some pretty awesome mental benefits.
  • Coordination and balance boosts —  jet skiing engages muscle groups in a combination you probably don’t use often. You’ll need to concentrate on coordinating your limbs and the jet ski to stay balanced enough to stay on board.

Preparing For Your Jet Ski Tour

If you’ve never been jet skiing before, not to worry! Follow these tips to get prepared, grab the gear you’ll want, and be ready to enjoy the ride!

What To Wear

Going jet skiing isn’t like a raft ride at a theme park — the ride that’s on water but barely splashes you. When riding on a jet ski, you will get wet. Yes, even if you don’t fall off the jet ski and topple into the ocean. So when you’re getting dressed for your jet ski tour, plan for moisture to happen. Grab a swimsuit plus shorts and a top you don’t mind getting drenched by salt water. Quick-dry athletic clothes are a pretty good option, since they are designed to dry quickly. Also, don’t forget water-appropriate shoes! Grab a pair of water-appropriate sandals with straps, water shoes, or just plan to go barefoot. We do recommend a rubber-soled shoe with some tread to give you a better grip and help with balance.

What Not To Wear

While we’re at it, there are a few clothing items that will make your jet ski adventure less comfortable. Skip really loose-fitting clothing. There will be wind and spray, and you don’t want to lose your shorts or have your shirt constantly blowing in your face as you ride. You’ll also want to skip the flip-flops since they don’t provide any traction. The jet ski surface will get wet, and flip-flops will make it easier to slip around and lose a shoe. You’d be better off going barefoot or wearing water shoes of some kind.

Of course, the other reminder about what to avoid wearing is anything that isn’t waterproof or water appropriate. If your watch isn’t waterproof, leave it at home for the day. The same goes for jewelry; if you don’t want to lose it, you may want to leave it safely at home. There’s no good way to search for a lost necklace in the ocean, after all.

What To Bring

You won’t need much on your jet ski adventure. You may want to grab a dry bag for your car keys, wallet, and any other items that aren’t waterproof and can’t be left behind. For safety’s sake, you’ll also want to grab life jackets if you have them. If not, you can get them in our shop. Whether you burn easily or not, you’ll probably want appropriate sun protection. If you’re bringing hats or sunglasses, however, be sure you’ve got straps or cords to help keep them in place. You wouldn’t want the wind knocking them away!

What Else To Remember

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! The cool spray of water may make you forget, but the sun will be beating down during your time on the water. You can still get burned, even if you don’t feel your skin heating. Have everyone in your group slather on the sunblock before your jet ski rental starts, so it can soak in and start providing protection. If you’re going on a multi-hour jet ski trip, you’ll want to bring a thing of sunscreen with you to re-apply as needed.

Otherwise, there isn’t much else you should need. You may want to grab some snacks and water to drink, but they’ll need to go in the storage compartment (maybe in a dry bag), so accessing them may not be very easy while you’re adventuring.

If you have any other questions on how to prepare, give the Keys Skis & Adventure team a call! We’ll be happy to provide you with tips and suggestions based on our experience.

Enjoy Your Jet Ski Rental!

Here at Keys Skis & Adventure, we want to help you have the best time possible. We can answer any questions you have and help you plan the perfect jet ski adventure for your group. Don’t worry about experience, either. We’ll teach you what you need to know and make sure you’re comfortable before you head out to explore. Don’t miss out on this staple of South Florida fun! Book online or give us a call today to schedule your jet ski rental!