Have you ever wondered what the world looks like from up where the birds soar? Keys Skis & Adventures helps you take flight and experience the Florida Keys in an exhilarating way — parasailing!


Take To The Skies

Are you an adrenaline junkie? If the idea of getting up high and feeling the wind in your hair appeals, parasailing is an amazing option to help you do just that! It’s a bit like skydiving, but better. Instead of an expensive trip up in a plane and a brief glimpse of the area as you dive, parasailing hoists you up into the air and takes you for a ride that allows you to enjoy the sights from up above. With 800 feet of rope, you can get up plenty high. Then sit back in the harness and take in the beautiful blue water, the ever-changing coastline, and maybe a dolphin or two!

Parasailing isn’t just for the thrill-seekers though — so don’t worry if you’ve never gone skydiving because the idea terrifies you. While parasailing brings you all the best parts of skydiving, it also leaves out the more anxiety-inducing parts, so it’s a great option for just about anyone! When you head out on the parasailing tour, you’ll start off comfortably seated in the boat. When it’s your turn, you’ll be strapped into the harness by a safety-conscious, experienced pro from our team. Then, the line that tethers the harness and sail to the boat will be let out, slowly raising you up. There’s no whiplash, no jarring, only a gentle-yet-exhilarating rise that feels like flying. When the line is fully extended, you’ll be soaring high enough to enjoy a bird’s eye view of all that Key Largo and the surrounding area has to offer.


Why Parasailing?

Whether you’re a local or visiting from across the country, parasailing is a great way to see all that South Florida has to offer. It’s affordable, easy, and provides some great health benefits. And, not only that, but it’s a ton of fun! Whether you’re looking for a way to amp up the adrenaline or you’re ready to take in the sights, parasailing is a great way to spend the day.



Unlike many other water-based recreation options, you don’t need any extra gear or training. Your parasailing tour will provide the boat, the equipment, and a member of our team to get you safely strapped in before taking you around. Unlike other options, you won’t need lessons before hand, and you won’t need to bring anything with you — though you may want a strap to secure your sunglasses when the wind kicks up! Parasailing is a great way to enjoy a tour of the Key Largo area without fees for all that extra equipment.



Parasailing is as easy as it is fun (which is a lot), so just about anyone can do it, no preparation needed! Your guide will ensure you’re safely strapped in and direct you through all the tips and tricks you need to know to enjoy your ride. Then, once you’re strapped in, you can just sit back into the harness and take in the views. Yes, that’s it! And, If you’re feeling a bit nervous, there’s good news: you don’t have to go up alone. Keys Skis and Adventures offers tandem parasailing options as well as solo trips.


Health Benefits

When most people think about parasailing, they view it in light of the adventure and exhilaration. But, did you know it also offers some great health benefits? On a purely physical level, steering will tap into your arm strength. It’s easy enough for most to do it, but you’ll feel that pleasant ache of tired muscles at the end of the day.

Even more interesting are the less-obvious benefits. With swimming, the gentle pressure of the water around you physically relieves stress on your body. Well, going up in the air during parasailing does much the same thing! The air pressure swirling around can help relieve stress and promote better blood flow, which can provide some pretty good health benefits.

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Parasailing: It’s Downright Fun

All those other elements are nice, but let’s face it, you’re looking into parasailing because it looks like a blast — and it is! Parasailing is about as close to flying as you can get without growing your own wings. It takes all the best parts of skydiving (the views, the adrenaline rush) and gets rids of the less-appealing parts (like falling rapidly and the expense). 

What You’ll See

Key Largo isn’t just sparkling seas and sandy beaches. We’re perfectly positioned to serve as a gateway to an abundance of fascinating ecosystems and visual wonders. Parasailing is a great way to take it all in and see what’s available for you to explore! You will, of course, have a perfect vantage point to see the clear water shift between indigo, teal, and aquamarine along the coast of the Keys. And there will be plenty of miles of soft, white beaches to enjoy. But you’ll also be able to see a few of the other wonders native to Southern Florida.


Coral Reefs As Far As The Eye Can See

That’s right, the waters near Key Largo are home to North America’s only living coral barrier reef system! The Florida Reef actually spans all along the Keys, starting north of Key Largo with Biscayne National Park and following all the way down past Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park. When you go parasailing around here, you’ll be able to see how expansive the barrier reef system is for yourself! It’s a great way to get an entirely new vantage point than what you’d see while jet skiing, kayaking, or snorkeling around the reefs.


Mystical Mangrove Forests

This is another stunning visual sight that makes Southern Florida stand out. Mangrove forests are so drastically different from most forests full of evergreens or leafy oaks and maples. The mangrove tree is a plant with a huge, almost unearthly looking root structure that extends above both land and water. The roots look that way to help the mangroves stay rooted in muddy, loose earth as well as high winds and waves. The result is a forest of plants that look like they belong in a fantasy movie, complete with narrow, winding pathways. As you soar high above the treetops, you can catch glimpses of those quiet paths — a must-do either before or after you take a trip into the mangrove canals by kayak or jet ski.

If you’re interested in exploring around Key Largo by air and by sea, check out our All In One package, which includes a jet ski rental, parasailing trip, and an all afternoon kayak rental so you can really do it all!


Getting Ready to go Parasailing

There’s not a lot you’ll need to do or have to go parasailing. That’s the beauty of it! It’s an easy, fun activity that pretty much anyone can enjoy. You don’t need any special equipment — the Keys Skis & Adventure team will provide all of that so we can be sure it’s safe, secure, and ready to go when you arrive for your parasailing tour.

That being said, you will want to do a bit of prep before you come. The most important thing is that you’ll be out in the sunshine, so slather on the sunscreen! Don’t expect to rely on the parasail for shade; it may provide some relief from the sun, but otherwise, there won’t be much to protect you from getting burned by the sun’s rays beating down. You’ll also want to plan what you wear with care. Wear clothing that is comfortable, but not too loose. The wind can kick up, so you don’t want to worry about a shirt that’s so loose it blows up into your face around the harness. Lastly, plan on strapping down any loose accessories. Hats, sunglasses, and even flip-flops can easily blow away in the wind, so choose shoes that strap or lace securely and invest in cords or other ways to secure your glasses/sunglasses and hats.


But What If I Hate Heights?

This is an important question to ask! Parasailing is a great activity for most people, but we understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The good news is that parasailing is a secure and relaxing way to push your limits if you have fear of heights. You’ll be raised and lowered slowly, which can help reduce the anxiety that comes along with the height. In addition, we do offer a tandem parasailing option, so you can bring someone along to keep you company. If you have concerns about how it works, we encourage you to give us a call and learn more. We’re more than happy to answer your questions, provide a more in-depth explanation of how parasailing works, and give you the information you need to decide whether it’s worth the chance. We think it’s a great option, even for people who struggle with heights, but we are a bit biased in knowing just how fun it is!

Here at Keys Skis & Adventure, we want to help you enjoy your time visiting the Keys. Book your parasailing adventure online or give us a call to schedule and see all that the waters around Key Largo have to offer!