Why Parasailing?

Whether you’re a local or visiting from across the country, parasailing is a great way to see all that South Florida has to offer. It’s affordable, easy, and provides some great health benefits. And, not only that, but it’s a ton of fun! Whether you’re looking for a way to amp up the adrenaline or you’re ready to take in the sights, parasailing is a great way to spend the day.


Unlike many other water-based recreation options, you don’t need any extra gear or training. Your parasailing tour will provide the boat, the equipment, and a member of our team to get you safely strapped in before taking you around. Unlike other options, you won’t need lessons before hand, and you won’t need to bring anything with you — though you may want a strap to secure your sunglasses when the wind kicks up! Parasailing is a great way to enjoy a tour of the Key Largo area without fees for all that extra equipment.


Parasailing is as easy as it is fun (which is a lot), so just about anyone can do it, no preparation needed! Your guide will ensure you’re safely strapped in and direct you through all the tips and tricks you need to know to enjoy your ride. Then, once you’re strapped in, you can just sit back into the harness and take in the views. Yes, that’s it! And, If you’re feeling a bit nervous, there’s good news: you don’t have to go up alone. Keys Skis and Adventures offers tandem parasailing options as well as solo trips.

Health Benefits

When most people think about parasailing, they view it in light of the adventure and exhilaration. But, did you know it also offers some great health benefits? On a purely physical level, steering will tap into your arm strength. It’s easy enough for most to do it, but you’ll feel that pleasant ache of tired muscles at the end of the day.

Even more interesting are the less-obvious benefits. With swimming, the gentle pressure of the water around you physically relieves stress on your body. Well, going up in the air during parasailing does much the same thing! The air pressure swirling around can help relieve stress and promote better blood flow, which can provide some pretty good health benefits.