1. How Parasailing Works & How To Prepare

    Have you ever wished you had a superhero’s powers just so you could fly? That’s a pretty common desire among humanity, so much so that we’ve come up with a variety of different ways to get as close as we can to flying without growing wings. One of the most common options, at least around Key L…Read More

  2. Kayak Rental vs. Jet Skis: Which Is Better?

    We know summer is technically over and fall has begun. But the great part about Key Largo is that it certainly doesn’t feel like the fun is done! There may be a few more rainy days, but the temperatures are still warm enough that any moment the sun shines is a great time to head out onto the water…Read More

  3. 6 Tips to Prepare for an Adventure Tour

    When planning for your next adventure tour, it’s important to prepare accordingly for where you’re going and what you’re planning on doing. At Keys Skis and Adventures in Key Largo, we provide jet ski rentals, kayak tours, and parasailing so you can experience all that the ocean has to offer. …Read More

  4. Time To Soar: Surprising Benefits To Parasailing

    A parasailing tour probably sounds like an awesome way to see the Florida Keys from a new vantage point. But what many people don’t know is that parasailing isn’t just fun, it actually offers some surprising health benefits, too! When you’re planning your next beach day or Key Largo vacation, …Read More

  5. Best Jet Ski Destinations Near Key Largo

    The sun is shining, the beaches are warm, and the beautiful summer weather means more and more people are flocking to the shores of Key Largo to enjoy all our beautiful area has to offer. And why not? There is so much to see and experience around here, with natural ecosystems unlike any other. No ma…Read More

  6. How To Plan A Jet Ski Tour

    Florida beaches are beautiful, that’s pretty well undisputed. But there is so much more our fair state has to offer! If you’re interested in relaxing, there’s no shame in rolling out a beach towel and soaking up some rays. For those of you who crave a bit more excitement, however, jet ski tour…Read More

  7. What Are Adventure Tours? It’s Time To Carpe ‘Skiem’

    Do you crave exploration? Are you ready to try new experiences? Do you thirst for adventure? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these questions, it’s time to embrace your inner hobbit and go on an adventure — adventure tour, that is! Instead of picking a direction, striking out without a pla…Read More